Credit Card Processing
And Point of Sale Systems

If there’s one aspect of your business that absolutely has to work properly, every single time, it’s taking payment from your customer. This is the point where the customer is putting the greatest amount of trust in you, and every time it doesn’t work properly, that’s a customer who might never come back.

Credit Cards Are A Necessity

Accepting credit cards is no longer an inconvenience for small businesses. But choosing a credit card processor can be difficult. Alliance can help you by customizing your credit card services to what your business needs.

No Hidden Fees

Many credit card processing services will promise low rates, and then hit you with all sorts of fees, surcharges, and commissions. It’s hard to get an honest rate when it comes to merchant services and even harder to see larger enterprises getting all the breaks. With our processing platform, you can get a competitive advantage when it comes to accepting credit card payments.

Free Statement Reviews

There’s no need to take our word for it, however. We offer free statement reviews – we’ll go over your statement and show you where and how much you could be saving

Additional Services

Virtual Terminals, Mobile Payments, Gateway Solutions, International Payments, Gift and Loyalty Cards – we can handle all of these for you, combined into one unified system that’s convenient for you AND your customers.

Credit Card Acceptance

You don’t need to have your ability to take payments be hampered by limitations on card acceptance. You can choose to process all major credit cards with no restrictions.

Electronic Check Conversion

Lots of customers appreciate the convenience of writing checks. Minimize your risk of returned checks by converting a paper check into an electronic purchase right at the point of sale. Avoid bank fees and the effort of trying to collect on returned checks!

Wireless and Mobile Solutions

Wireless terminals and mobile solutions are both great ways to go for merchants on the move. Conveniently and securely process reliable transactions wherever you are. Let us help you choose the right solution for your business.

Contactless Payments

Recent technological advances have made contactless credit cards very popular. Process transactions with just a wave or a tap of the card!

Internet Services

We provide fully integrated web services for online credit transactions designed for easy and secure Internet shopping. In fact, any internet connected PC can be a secure virtual credit card processing terminal!

Intuitive Restaurant Point of Sale

Our restaurant point of sale and management solution empowers restaurateurs to achieve simplicity and efficiency.

Full featured and great for table service, and quick service restaurants and bars around the world.

The Evolution of Restaurant POS for iPad

Touch POS Solutions is the next generation in restaurant point of sale technology designed exclusively for mobility, flexibility, & simplicity.

New Era of Hospitality Solutions

Designed specifically for all Fine-Dining, Table Service & Quick Service Operations.

Incorporating the latest technologies, intuitive user interface designs & unbelievable flexibility into a single package without compromise.

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