Cloud Storage Solutions

Access your data from anywhere.

Off-site cloud storage solutions are the most reliable way to protect your data from disasters and deletion. If your on-site hard drive were to fail, you can easily retrieve the files stored in the cloud back on your computer.


» Access data & back-ups anytime & anywhere with internet
» Protection from local threats (fires, power surge, etc.)
» Stored on multiple, redundant servers
» Cheaper up-front cost


» Data can only be accessed locally
» Risk losing data due to local accidents & deletions
» Only have a single data copy
» Expensive hardware updates & investments

Reliable and Safe Cloud Storage Solutions

Storing and backing up data via the cloud is the go-to choice for many business owners. Back-ups and storage using the cloud is economically friendly, easy to use and ideal for business owners that need top of the line data storage and protection.

External hard drives tend to come with a great deal of expenses, maintenance and risks. While it may be convenient to have your backup right there in your office, if anything were to happen to the hard drive your data could be lost forever.

An illustration depicting different forms of cloud storage solutions and how they affect business operations


More than a buzz word.

The cloud refers to a storage service that runs on the internet instead of locally on your computer. You can access, backup and store data on the cloud from anywhere with internet access.

Which is better for me; the cloud or an external hard drive?

A lot of factors come into play when choosing the right storage solution for your business. The cloud may be a great match for businesses looking to cut costs, store large quantities of data, use multiple workstations and those needing to access data and files not locally (working from home or from multiple offices).

Is my data in the cloud safe?

Cyber security is imperative, so we partnered with Datto to ensure the security of your data. Datto comes with a variety of security features including threat alerts, encryption and multi-factor authentication that will keep your data safe and secure.

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