Digital Advertising

Search Engine Marketing / Social Media Marketing

Digital advertising can target users in search engines through both organic search results and paid advertising.

Search Engine Marketing includes both paid and organic results in search engines. SEM covers a variety of online marketing tactics including SEO, search engine advertising, link development, social media optimization and other specialized methods (video, mobile, local).

Social Media Marketing

Utilizing social media can give your business a step-up on your competition. By creating business social media profiles you can expand your reach, drive sales, gain a following and communicate your brand and values to those followers. Almost 2 billion people worldwide have a social media profile, and that number is growing daily. Our web services team has the insight to reach any audience, no matter the industry!

We’ll create your accounts, design custom covers and profile pictures, monitor your mentions, track your reviews and post regularly to all accounts. Our team will create and manage you profiles on every platform from Facebook to YouTube!

Digital Advertising
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Advertising

SEA is advertising on search engines through a paid means. Search ads will appear at the top of your search results ahead of the organic listings. Other paid search engine advertisements include pay per click, paid placement, paid inclusion, shopping and product listing ads. This is one of the best methods for advertising because of its non-intrusive nature. The traffic comes from consumers searching for keywords that you have paid for.

Social Media Optimization

Social media can be a powerful tool for business owners when utilized correctly. Marketing on social media can reach precise, targeted audiences through free content and paid advertisements. Social media optimization includes paid advertising on social media platforms as well as free advertising through shared content, cover photos, etc. With the popularity surrounding social media, SMO is a valued method of advertising.

Social Media Optimization



What are pay-per-click ads?

You get charged each time a person clicks on your ad. When your keywords get searched, your website gets thrown into what is called the Ad Auction. The search engine then determines which ads are displayed, in what order and by which advertiser.ges.


Which is better, organic SEO or paid advertisements?

SEO is very effective in the long term and is much more cost efficient than paid advertising. Paid ads tends to be better for those looking to increase traffic sooner and draw more exposure. Although the best way to advertise your business and increase traffic to your website is by utilizing both organic and paid advertising.


How will I know if the ads are bringing in more traffic?

We can attain your ad performance reports to show how many impressions and clicks your ad has received. From there we can analyze the report with you to look for ways to improve your campaign. You can choose to keep your campaign the same, increase the ammount or try other forms of advertising. If you have a website maintenance paln with us we can also analyze how many visitors you’ve received and compare that amount to the amount after your advertising campaign.

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