Data Recovery Backup Plan

Accidents happen, but you don’t have to lose your data and precious photos because of one.
Make sure you have a data recovery backup plan in place.

Accidents and mistakes can happen at any time, and sometimes your data is a victim of these occurrences. When this happens, contact Alliance Computers of Harrisburg or Lemoyne, and we will do everything we can to retrieve your lost data.

We can also help you take a proactive approach and by helping you to implement a data backup plan to protect your data from accidental deletion, computer crashes, malware, natural disasters, device corruption and everyday accidents with our Carbonite cloud backup protection plans.

Make sure you have an effective data recovery backup plan before disaster strikes.

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Accidental Deletion

We have software available in-shop to help assist you in the event of an accidental file deletion or data corruption on your internal, external, USB Flash, or solid state drive.

Non-responsive Drives

Sometimes a drive has failed to the point where in-shop data recovery is not possible. But we are partnered with Seagate to provide high-tech data laboratory recovery options.

Slowing/Failing Drives

When your drive is on the verge of failing, accessing your data becomes more and more difficult. We have the powerful tools needed to access those files even on failing drives.

Ransomware Encryption

You realize you’ve been the victim of ransomware and are being forced to pay ridiculous amounts of money or else. We have a selection of decryption tools with high success rates to help.

Back-up Plans

Automatic Cloud Back-ups

 Tell the backup software what folders you would like to have backed up, and once configured, the software will automatically save your important files to the cloud for safe-keeping.

Remote Access

Need an important file from home but not near your computer? By signing up, you will be able to access those files from any computer.

External Hard Drive Support

Have flash drives or external hard drives? No problem! The software can back up those as well. As long as you have it connected to your computer, your files are protected.

128-Bit Encryption

Not only is your data backed up, it is also encrypted to provide 100% privacy of your stored data. Only you will be able to view your files.


Sign up for a backup plan to save money on the recovery cost.

We offer affordable solutions to back up or recover your most precious and loved pictures, videos, documents and more.
We can help you implement an effective data recovery backup plan today with our partner Carbonite.

Buy a Carbonite Cloud Backup Plan today

How much does recovery cost?

It is hard to say for sure exactly how much it will cost until we see your storage device. For accidental deletions and file corruption, you are typically looking at a $79 charge. If the drive is starting to fail, but can still be recovered in-shop, the charge is $199. In the event the drive is unresponsive, or in-shop recovery efforts are not successful, then you will likely need to send the device to a data recovery lab. We do start all in-shop repairs with a free diagnostic so that we can determine how bad the situation is and provide you with an obligation-free quote before proceeding.

I was a victim of ransomware. What are the chances I can get my files back?

Although our tools have a high success rate, new versions of these ransomware viruses are created quite often. Our decryption software is able to keep up with the majority of these new viruses, but as new encryption techniques are introduced, updates to our software may be required and decryption may not be possible until said updates are available. We do not advise that you pay the ransom to get their decryption tool, as there is no guarantee the tool will even work.

How much does a data recovery backup plan cost?

An unlimited cloud storage plan starts as low as $71.99 per year for one computer. Plans are available for homes with multiple computers, as well as for businesses with a central server and a variety of different computers and devices.

Are there any file size restrictions for backups?

For home users, the automated backup system will not backup any files 4GB or larger except for Outlook .pst files. You can, however, manually click on a large file and request it to be backed up.

So what is cloud storage again?

It simply means your files are protected from disaster and deletion by being safely stored on multiple servers. Should a server crash, or your home computer hard drive fail, the files can easily be restored back to your home computer.

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