Logo Creation

Building your brand, framing your identity and creating your logo.

At Alliance Business Technologies, our branding and graphic design team will ensure consistency through your businesses designs and all forms of communication (print & signage, website, advertising, social media and content marketing). 

The Alliance branding team will work with you to identify your businesses target audience, mission statement, goals, qualities and benefits of your brand, as well as analyzing your competition.

Logo Creation

Your Brand

Your brand is how consumers emotionally perceive your company’s image as a whole, and what sets you apart from your competitors. A brand should clearly deliver the message behind the company, confirm your credibility, connect your target audience with your products or services and motivate the buyer to buy.

Your Identity

Your identity is the visual aspects that go into creating your brand. Identity is made up of your logo, marketing materials, signage, messages, social media and other communications. Your identity should support the brand as a whole, not as a stand-alone part of your business. This should be consistent over all visual aspects.

Your Logo

Your logo is the mark that identifies a business. A logo should identify a company, but not necessarily describe the brand. A strong logo will be memorable, simple, versatile, unique and timeless. Careful consideration should be taken to assure the design is directed towards your intended target.


The logo creation process.

we’ll create a variety of preliminary designs you can choose from or revise, then we’ll decide on an appropriate style, font and color scheme that fits your brand.
After the payment is received you will retain all ownership rights to the design.

Once the design is finished, you will receive your design in .jpg, .png, .tiff, and .eps file formats. Other formats are available by request.


Why should I have my logo designed professionally?

Using logo creation templates online may be cheaper, but odds are you’ll be sharing similar designs with quite a few other businesses. This defeats the purpose of having a logo and makes it difficult for your logo and brand to stand out from your competition. Our professional graphic designers will be able to assess your brand and create an image that your target audience will be able to identify. We’ll also make sure you receive a vector copy of your logo.


What's a vector image?

A vector image (.esp, .svg, .tiff and Illustrator files) is created using paths (lines) and use mathematic equations to keep its shape. No matter how large you decide to make the image it will keep it’s clean, sharp appearance. The opposition is a raster image (.jpg, .png, .pdf and Photoshop files) which uses pixels to create images. When a raster image is enlarged it can become pixilated.


What are the differences between file formats?

Each file format is made for a different purpose and vary in resolution (number of pixels per inch or ppi). Some are primarily for print, while other formats are made for web applications.

.jpg/.jpeg – doesn’t support transparent background and can vary in resolution. High quality .jpg files can be used for desktop printing, medium quality can be used for web applications, low quality can be used for email as a signature. When compressed repeatedly the quality of the image can be reduced.

.png – can support transparent backgrounds, typically lower resolution files that are used online and on websites.

.eps – vector based file commonly used by graphic designers and printers. Can be scaled to any size and will still keep it’s shape and sharp lines.

.tif/.tiff – used in professional environments and for commercial printing. Widely supported across all platforms and most reliable for high quality images and printing.

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