Tech Safety For Your College Student

Sep 2, 2022 | 2 comments

Tech Safety for your College Student

Let’s face it, security is a real concern these days and so is protecting your data. College students today face more threats online than ever before and these threats can come in many different forms. This includes accidental damage of a hard drive, to cyber-attacks, and identity theft. There is always something lurking, just around the corner to put their data in jeopardy.

So, your loved one has finished high school and will soon be leaving the comfort and safety of your home to head off to college. While living their newfound life of independence, how do you protect them? Well, this quick blog will talk about tech safety for your college student to introduce you to some ideas and methods to make sure their data and well-being are protected.

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Protect Your Device – Beware of Viruses, Malware, Scams

At Alliance Computers, we put our customers first. We have your best interest at heart. That is why we offer Care Plans.

What is a Care Plan? A Care Plan is a total protection plan that not only protects you, but protects your devices as well. With an Alliance Care Plan, you get peace of mind with Managed Antivirus, daily system monitoring, and weekly reports.

But that’s not all. We will be there when you need us the most!
With our Premier Care Plan, you’ll get 1 hour of remote support sessions every month, for free.
With our Premier Plus Care Plan, you’ll get unlimited remote support sessions!

So, even if your loved one is attending college in a different state, we can help!
It’s just one more way that Alliance Computers is there for our customers.

Protect Yourself – Maintain Privacy Online

Another way to protect yourself and your loved ones is by using a personal VPN.

I’m sure we have all heard the term VPN thrown around in the past few years.
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a way to protect yourself while connected to the internet.
A VPN masks your IP address to maintain privacy and keep your online actions incognito.

In addition, a VPN is even capable of encrypting your connection, which provides a whole new layer of security!
The best part about it is, that a VPN is just software. Meaning, it stays on the device that you are using and can even be used with most public networks!

Protect Your Data – Maintain a Data Backup

This one is a big deal!
A lot of folks are currently using external hard drives or nothing at all to back up their data.
This is a huge “no, no” and the biggest reason for data loss.
This is because, if you’re not backing up your data and something critical were to happen, for example, a hard drive failure.
You would not have a copy of your data to restore anything!

That is where Carbonite comes in.
At Alliance Computers, we have partnered with Carbonite to bring you a better backup solution for your data. With Carbonite, data back up has never been easier.
It’s the old “set it and forget it” trick.

No, really. With Carbonite it’s that simple!
You create your account, download the program, and it does everything else for you.
The best part is, we can even set it up for you!

Yep, data back up just got easier, and can be done right!

These were just a couple of examples of ways you can ensure tech safety for your college student.
We hope that this helps protect yourself and your loved ones against situations that could compromise your sensitive personal information or valuable work and data.

You’re not alone in the college transition. Alliance is here to make you and your student’s life as easy and secure as possible.

We hope to see you soon, and wish your loved ones good luck with college!


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